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Pattern Making Studio

TAF Romania is the tailoring studio where you can come with the sketch and go with the pattern.

The pattern is the most important component of fashion production and it represents the most powerful document that transitions an idea from the sketch into a product.

Therefore the pattern making process is a crucial step that always precedes the manufacturing process. Patterns and templates are the most important components of the tech pack, setting out the production guidelines of a garment such as shapes, sizes, fabrics and stitching details.

The development of a pattern is a complex process which requires highly skilled craftsmanship. The first draft of a pattern is made on paper and consists of a construction drawing that takes into account the body size and the fashion design of the garment.


Pattern grading is the process through which a set of sizes are produced from a master pattern. The grading rules determine how the master pattern will be graded to create different size groups through grading techniques such as the cut and spread or pattern shifting techniques, or digitally through computer grading.