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Design & Consulting

Our design and production centre can help you design and produce your collection step by step, from the development of patterns and prototypes to the manufacturing of small, medium or large series.

Pattern Making Studio

The pattern is the most important component of fashion production and it represents the most powerful document that transitions an idea from the sketch into a product.

Tailoring Studio

The production unit is equipped with modern sewing machines, allowing for a great variety of garments to be made through different manufacturing methods. We have specific machines and expertly trained people who ensure the professionalism and the high quality standard that define the production process of each garment

Our Collections

Exclusive denim

An exclusive collection featuring original pieces in combination with denim and felt. The felt pieces are handmade on natural materials in a combination of wool and silky

About Us

Our company was established in 2001 and started out as a small fashion production studio based in Bucharest, Romania. We have 17 years of experience in the field of apparel manufacturing and we offer expert advice and consultation to ensure we meet and exceed our clients’ expectation.


Create Your Own Style

Our philosophy is simple, we strive to design and produce superior quality products in a professional and ethical working environment. We value good communication, we offer flexibility and provide professional support to our clients from sketch to finished collection.